Working with Matt really changed my life. Beyond losing weight, I found myself in much better shape in a very short period of time. Within a few months, my golf game improved (I added about 15 yards to my drive) and I was able to walk 18 holes with clubs, something I hadn’t been able to do in years!  I dropped 4 inches off my waistline and, most importantly, I haven’t gained back any weight. Matt has enormous technical knowledge and he basically won’t bore you with it, but if you ask him why he is doing something, you will learn quite a bit about the human body, how it works and how you can make it more efficient. I have had some bad experiences with trainers who were not used to training older people. Matt has experience with all ages and at 62, I was comfortable that he could tailor my workouts appropriately. As an example, Matt saw that I needed more stretching than the average client and he immediately included this in my program and it made a world of difference.  Finally, in 2019, I had an accident and severed my quadricep tendon. This was a pretty serious injury. My doctor and physical therapist both were amazed at how fast I recovered. My PT felt it had a lot to do with Matt and by the way, Matt was a big help in making sure I was doing the prescribed PT properly. I wholeheartedly recommend Matt to anyone who is serious about getting or staying in shape!

Ron Joelson, 62, President of Northwestern Mutual Investment Management Company

Matt and I started training together to work on my goal of doing my first pull-up. Since I’m a personal trainer too, this was a big deal for me. I believe coaches need coaches and after hearing about all the success Matt’s other clients were having with the combination of Muscle Activation Technique and Personal Training, I was ready to go for it!Let me start by sharing that I successfully fulfilled my goal of doing pull-ups! Working with Matt made this happen in about 6 weeks, after I had struggled to get over the bar myself for months.

The Functional Movement Screen highlighted what I need to work on to build my foundation and I feel the RPR allowed my muscles to do what they’re designed to do! Matt’s skills in this modality are unique and game-changing. Plus, Matt has a gift for making complex things understandable, which is an incredible skill to have when it comes to working with the human body.Also, I managed teams of Personal Trainers for over eight years. Matt’s ability to truly help people, including me, become stronger is exceptional. He embodies my top six characteristics in a quality trainer; honesty, hunger for knowledge, personal discipline, good listener, the ability to create structured, thoughtful, data-driven & results-driven plans, and the capacity to make adjustments on the spot.I recommend working with him to feel better, conquer your performance goals, and learn a ton along the way!

Katie Hunt, ACSM Personal Trainer